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YY Brazilian
  • YY Brazilian


    What are YY eyelashes? The base of the 4 eyelash extensions is joined together as a Y shape. They are called Y-shaped eyelash extensions. It is very easy to make fans, you can quickly get 4D tabs without any skill.


    Improved design: the arrangement of the roots is clearly visible and the tabs are easy to pick up. The special YY type makes the eyelash extension look more elegant and fluffy. Y-shaped eyelash fans are made of environmentally friendly synthetic fiber materials, very soft and light, and close to mink hair.


    Save more time: compared to other classic tab extensions, Y tab extensions are Y-shaped and can be used directly. The graft of 4 extensions at a time, is very suitable for professional use in salons, it can help eyelash artists save more time. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily use prefabricated eyelash fans.

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